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Miso Recipes
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Like fine French wines, each miso has a distinct flavor, color, and aroma. Rich and savory, Hatcho miso adds a harmonizing flavor and concentrated nutrition to a wide variety of dishes. For the busy cook who wants to add flavor and nutrition to standard American dishes, such as casseroles, gravies, chili, baked beans, and stews, simply substitute Hatcho miso for salt (use approximately two tablespoons of miso for one teaspoon of salt). For those moving toward a more wholesome, natural way of eating, the hearty, meat-like quality of Hatcho miso can help ease the transition. For example, try substituting vegetable stock seasoned with Hatcho miso in recipes calling for beef stock. For cooks experienced with natural foods, Japanese dishes, or gourmet fare, miso's possibilities are endless. Hatcho miso's savory, robust flavor combines well with beans, gravies, baked and simmered dishes, and vegetable soups and stews. When making miso soup, combine one part Hatcho miso with three parts rice or barley miso for an especially satisfying, balanced taste.

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