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Avocado "Sashimi" Scrambled Tofu
Baked Yellow Squash Poached Shrimp w/ Shoyu Dip
Zaru Udon  
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In any type of cooking style, traditional shoyu can enhance and deepen flavors. In general, when using shoyu to season foods, it should be added only during the last few minutes of cooking. Brief cooking mellows its flavor and enables it to blend with and heighten rather than dominate other flavors in the dish. In longer cooking, shoyu's complex, delicate taste and slightly alcoholic aroma is lost. When using shoyu to season soups or sauces, add just a little sea salt early in the cooking to deepen and blend the flavors of the ingredients, then add shoyu to taste shortly before serving. Shoyu is high in glutamic acid, a natural form of monosodium glutamate (MSG), which makes it an excellent flavor enhancer, great for marinating, pickling, and sautéing.

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