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Sushi Ginger Pickles
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To make Mitoku Sushi Ginger, young, tender ginger roots are thinly sliced, briefly salt-pressed, then pickled in a vinegar mixture. They are so named because they are almost always served with sushi or sashimi (raw fish). If you have ever been to a sushi bar, you have no doubt seen mounds of these paper-thin, pink or beige pickles. Sushi ginger pickles can be served year-round as a digestive aid and taste complement with meals, especially those including fish. We have recently improved upon our most popular pickle in three important ways. First, our new Mitoku Sushi Ginger is now kosher certified. Next, we have cut the ginger slices ultra thin, which improves the texture as well as the flavor, since it allows the pickling medium to thoroughly penetrate the ginger. Finally, we have eliminated the apple cider vinegar in favor of 100% rice vinegar. Mitoku Sushi Ginger pickles stimulate the appetite, invigorate the taste buds, and aid digestion. They offer convenience, as they are ready to eat straight from the pack. Made with only fresh ginger root, shiso leaves, rice vinegar, and sea salt, the fresh, zesty flavor of Mitoku Sushi Ginger combines superbly with both Western and Asian cuisine. Cut into slivers, it makes a great addition to tossed or pasta salads (see Pasta and Bean Salad with Pickled Ginger), fried rice or noodles, and stir-fries. Straight from the pack, this popular pickle is the perfect complement for tempura and other fried foods, fish and, of course, sushi! Although the sushi ginger pickles available in Oriental food stores and sushi bars nearly always contain sugar and dyes and are almost certainly pickled in low-quality vinegar, Mitoku sushi ginger is unsweetened and its color is naturally derived from red shiso (perilla herb) leaves. Mitoku offers three other delicious varieties of Sushi Pickles: Sushi Cucumber, Sushi Daikon, and Sushi Garlic. All Mitoku sushi pickles are excellent as a condiment and digestive aid to use with whole meals or as a snack with tea.

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