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Ramen is not considered a Japanese noodle. The ramen that Americans know is a modern version of Chinese-style noodles served hot in a rich broth containing various vegetables, meat, or fish. Most modern commercial types of ramen are made by first frying and then oven-drying the noodles. To avoid the problem of rancidity, the oil used must contain preservatives such as BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene). Mitoku was the first company to introduce a natural whole wheat ramen made by the steam-then-bake method. This unique method of preparing ramen eliminates the need for oil.

The fresh flour used to make Mitoku ramen is stone-ground each morning at the Mitoku noodle shop and is grown by a unique agricultural method known as nature farming. While most grain growers use modern chemical methods, our farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers, animal manures, herbicides, or pesticides. Nature farming stresses the importance of building the vitality of the topsoil by adding mulch made from locally available plant materials. In this naturally balanced environment, grains and vegetables thrive without the use of agricultural chemicals.

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