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Touted for centuries as a folk remedy for weak digestion, cancer, radiation sickness, tobacco poisoning, acidic conditions, low libido, and several types of intestinal infections, miso's reputation as one of nature's most healing foods is being confirmed by modern medical science. These studies show what folk healers have known for centuries. It is not any one particular component of miso that makes it such an effective healing food, but rather a complex combination of ingredients and a unique double fermentation process that transforms soybeans and grains into a potent medicine. What's more, miso may be one of the most underrated foods in the natural foods pantry. Besides the documented reports and research cited below, we have personally experienced the benefits of miso with our friends and family. After writing and researching over 100 articles and four books about food, we feel that using miso regularly is the best health insurance you can have.


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