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For many years Mitoku supplied customers with the family shop traditional style tofu described above. However, the audit trail required to ensure organic and non-GMO integrity was difficult to maintain since these producers are so small. To ensure a constant supply of high quality freeze-dried tofu, Mitoku has been buying this product from a supplier that uses the best ingredients and modern equipment.

The modern process begins by crushing washed soybeans in a grinder. The crushed soybeans are then boiled and filtered. After filtering the resulting soy milk, nigari (magnesium chloride) is added to the soy milk which is set in molds. The solidified tofu is pressed and cut into blocks. The finished tofu is frozen, refrigerated, and then dehydrated several times. The blocks are cut and packaged for Mitoku.

Defoaming agents and additives such as baking soda and ammonia are often used to make commercial freeze-dried tofu softer, less brittle, and pristine white. Mitoku freeze-dried tofu is made using the finest non-GMO soybeans and processed without the use of additives or defoaming agents.

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