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Other Condiments
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GOMASHIO (Sesame Salt)
Gomashio is one of the most popular and versatile macrobiotic condiments. Sprinkled on rice or other grains, noodles, or vegetables, gomashio adds flavor and concentrated nutrition. The essential amino acids in sesame seeds perfectly complement those in brown rice, so these two foods eaten together provide high-quality complete protein. Mitoku offers Black Gomashio, which is made from toasted black sesame seeds, as well as Gomashio made from whole brown sesame seeds.

Sesame Sprinkle is the perfect condiment for the natural foods dining table. Delicious, tangy, and full of savory goodness, it enhances all brown rice, whole grain, and vegetable dishes. It combines two nutritional powerhouses - sesame seeds and green nori flakes - with zesty, iron-rich, pickled shiso leaves. Use it freely every day for extra flavor and nutrition.

TEKKA (Miso Condiment)
Tekka is an iron-rich, savory, moist yet crumbly blend that is delicious sprinkled on grains, noodles, and vegetables. Mitoku Tekka is made by sautéing minced burdock root, carrot, and lotus root in unrefined sesame oil, then adding Hatcho (soybean) miso and cooking the mixture over a low heat for 5-7 hours until crumbly and somewhat dry. Minced ginger is added towards the end of cooking. Tekka should be used sparingly, since it is concentrated and strong.

UME SHISO SPRINKLE (Shiso Leaf Condiment)
Shiso momiji is a traditional Japanese condiment that is a delicious and healthful alternative to table salt. It imparts a zesty, salty-tart flavor that is especially appealing sprinkled on grains, tofu dishes, and salads. Made from iron-rich shiso (perilla herb) leaves, Shiso Condiment is made with fresh shiso leaves that are first pickled with umeboshi then sun-dried and powdered. Shiso condiment helps the body to maintain an alkaline condition.

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