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Rice malt syrup has a full, slightly nutty flavor with a hint of butterscotch. Its gentle, balanced sweetness provides the perfect alternative to refined sugar in many snacks and desserts. Rice malt syrup is excellent in salad dressings and dips, as well as in vegetable dishes such as candied yams and pickles.
Rice malt syrup is considerably less sweet than sugar, honey, and maple syrup. To achieve an equivalent sweetness, substitute one and a half cups of rice syrup for one cup of white sugar, three-fourths cup of maple syrup, or one-half cup of honey. When substituting liquid sweeteners for sugar, it is necessary to reduce the total amount of liquid that is called for in the recipe.

If a sweeter taste is desired in the following recipes, or when substituting rice malt syrup for more concentrated sweeteners in other recipes, use a combination of rice malt syrup with honey or maple syrup. A good rule is to initially substitute rice malt syrup for one-half of the maple syrup or honey that is called for in a recipe. Gradually increase the proportion of rice malt syrup until your taste buds are satisfied by desserts that are sweetened with rice malt syrup only.

The texture or thickness of rice malt syrup varies according to the brand and to the temperature at which it is stored. If the syrup is too stiff to pour, place the uncovered jar in a saucepan with 2 inches of water and let it simmer a minute or two. When the syrup warms up, it will pour easily.

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