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See Nutritional Facts for Candies
For health conscious people who are looking for a candy that is both tasty and healthy, Mitoku has produced the ultimate treat, Sweet Rice Candies. These round, individually wrapped treats are made with traditional Brown Rice Malt Syrup and 100% natural flavors. There are no artificial colors, flavors or simple sugars added. Made from select whole brown rice and barley sprouts, blended together to perfection, traditional rice malt syrup has been used in the Orient for centuries as a superior source of balanced, gentle sweetness for many types of desserts.

Because children are small and have a high body metabolism, they are particularly susceptible to the mood swings and other negative effects of simple sugars. Moreover, sitting still for long periods in school is often a problem for children who consume sugary snacks during and before school. While most candies are made primarily from simple sugars, Mitoku Sweet Rice Candies contain more than 50% complex carbohydrates from the whole grains and less than 50% simple sugar, primarily maltose (see Nutritional Analysis). Maltose is a di-saccharide, so it requires some digestion before it is assimilated, which takes up to one and a half hours. Complex carbohydrates are more slowly assimilated, thus supplying a steady stream of energy over a long period of time. For this reason, Mitoku Sweet Rice Candies do not create the imbalance and stress on the body caused by sweets made entirely from simple sugars, especially mono-saccharides such as glucose, which are assimilated almost immediately.

Sweet Rice Candies are great for children and adults. They come in a variety of natural flavors that are sure to satisfy without giving you the "sugar blues".

Mitoku Sweet Rice Candies
Analysis Found Per serving

Serving Size: 3 candies / 14 g

Moisture  4.81 % 0.67 g
Protein  0.40 %

0.06 g


0.41 %

0.06 g

n.d. %

n.d. g


94.38 %

13.21 g


54 Cal

Minerals Note: An "n.d." result indicates the individual parameter is less than the detection limit.

71.61 ppm

1.00 mg

Potassium 61.05 ppm

0.85 mg


60.65 ppm

0.85 mg


n.d. ppm

n.d. mg

Sugars Ingredients: Traditional brown rice malt (brown rice, sprouted barley, spring water) and natural flavors.

n.d. %

n.d. g


3.40 %

0.48 g



0.17 g



 n.d. g


41.10 %

5.75 g


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